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Test bench for fire resistance tests (flame test bench) 
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Nautical and marine technology classification companies and other institutions demand that hose lines and pipeline components which transport flammable media must at least undergo fire resistance testing in accordance with the standards DIN EN ISO 15540 and DIN EN ISO 19921.

Passing this test is one of the most important requirements before components can officially be marked "FLAME RESISTANT". And this test can be used to test the flame resistance of components for other purposes as well.

Throughout the test period, the samples are exposed to a propane gas flame from the outside while coolant water is passed through the inside. After the flame exposure, the samples undergo pressure testing as specified in the test standard, unless the pressure during flame exposure was the same as the rated pressure or the maximum permissible operating pressure.

The IHA test bench satisfies these requirements and the associated standards:

• ISO 15540 (Fire resistance of hose lines – Requirements imposed on the test bench)
• ISO 19921 (Ships and marine technology - Fire resistance of metallic pipe components with resilient and elastomeric seals - Test methods)
• VdS 2100-06, Kapitel 5.5 (Rohrverbindungselemente - Anforderungen und Prüfmethoden - Flammenprüfung)

The standard parameters during testing are:files/iha-inhalte/Bilder/Techn. Bilder/Pruefstand/2011_01_JA_Pruefstand_0162.jpg

• Test time: 30 min.
• Flame temperature: 800°C
• Gas consumption: 5-14 kg propane gas per hour, depending on the size of the sample
• Coolant water temperature: 80°C
• Coolant water pressure: 2-5 bar
• Coolant water flow rate: 0.01 m³/h to max. 45 m³/h

Certified by Germanischer Lloyd

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Certified by Germanischer Lloyd

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