Our mission statement

Our enterprise pursues activities in the field of Research and Development as well as advanced training in line equipment and fluid technology.
Our purpose is to function as a reliable partner for the benefit of all, particularly for society and the environment. Our dealings with other people and the environment are guided by principles of dignity, tolerance and respect. Care for the environment is forethought for the future generations. We are aware of our personal responsibilities and act accordingly.
The starting point and target of our efforts is the customer. In this relationship, our core competence is the link between received scientific work and its practical application. Through our flexible posture and by optimising products and processes and minimising error rates, costs can be lowered, operating times prolonged and efficiency improved, thereby maximising profit for the customer. To this end, we investigate the most advanced technological capabilities and put them to use.

The range of our services encompasses not only development and testing of products, but also purpose-appropriate training and instruction in the working correctly with the technology in daily practice.
We are constantly enhancing the quality of our market offering. Our objective is to be the foremost service provider in our area of business activity by providing the best benefit to customers of all providers in the field.

As a body and as individuals, the Internationale Hydraulik-Akademie is skilled and committed. We are committed unreservedly to the interests of our customers. We keep our word. The positions we offer are demanding and attractive.
We have a task, and we work with purpose. We create satisfied customers. We are constantly working to improve our technical skills and our personality. We work in a motivating environment and in a professional atmosphere that engenders trust and a spirit of community. We have a right to a cooperative management style and open communication. We are well informed and exercise reason to formulate our own ideas.

In order to achieve dynamic growth for the benefit of our customers, employees and investors, we generate a good result.

By our actions, we intend to contribute positively to the community.


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