Hydraulic Training in Egypt-IHA and HANSA-FLEX cooperating with the German University in Cairo


The International Hydraulics Academy (IHA) in Dresden and HANSA-FLEX AG in Bremen have entered into a close cooperation with the German University in Cairo (GUC). Egyptian students will be able to benefit in the future from the expertise of the Academy. On October 11, 2012 a Hydraulics Training Centre at the GUC was ceremoniously opened by Prof Dr Mansour (Prime Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees) and Mr Armerding (Board of Directors at HANSA-FLEX AG). HANSA-FLEX and the IHA provided training stands for this purpose which provide practical training in hydraulics.

The creation of practical and industry-related training in hydraulics has long been a wish of University Professor Graduate of Engineering S. Helduser and Prof Dr Mansour, which has now been fulfilled. Prof Mansour thanked everyone who had been involved in the implementation, especially at HANSA-FLEX and the IHA. He stressed the need for practical training for Egyptian industry. A lack of skills in hydraulics always leads to prolonged downtimes for important production plant. While training in electrical engineering for automation technology is already relatively well developed, the field of hydraulics still has some catching up to do. The existing hydraulic teaching units do not reflect the reality of industrial plants.

With the new IHA training stands there is now a possibility to improve this situation.

The hydraulics of the IHA training stands is driven by variable displacement pumps with a pressure and flow control. All adjustments of the pumps can be performed in the training seminar on the IHA stand. The valve technology consists of real industrial components with which circuits are constructed by the course participants in accordance with the specifications given by the instructor. In the case of electro-hydraulic circuits a PLC is used, so that the participants can concentrate fully on the hydraulics and relay circuits do not have to be fitted initially, which requires a large amount of time. In order to provide a more realistic experience of actual hydraulics, the IHA training stands are equipped with load units. Moving an unloaded cylinder or motor is not the realistic use of hydraulics. Hydraulics is characterised by the fact that masses can be dynamically moved and controlled. The IHA load units are equipped with masses which hang on a cylinder or winch. These are the most critical load cases. With these it is possible to represent many effects of hydraulic systems that occur particularly when the loads are lowered. In order to make the effect of air release by negative pressure visible, a sight glass is installed in a pipeline.
The visitors gave a positive assessment of the quality and functionality of the training stands. Prof Helduser emphasised that these training stands can be used to carry out training which is in line with practical applications.

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