Universal Hydraulikprüfstand


Services for hydraulics


Manufacturer-independent services of the IHA:

• Analysis of hydraulic systems
• Prototype inspections
• Testing imported products for distributors
• Expert assessments
• On-site measurements
• Consulting for development projects and problems
• Damage analyses


• Functions
• Dynamic behaviour
• Performance measurements
• Effectiveness measurements
• Simulations of load drops on the test bench
• Loading in 4 quadrants


• 160 kW test bench with secondary controller M=700 Nm, n=2200 rpm, M=750 Nm, n=1450 rpm, M=156 Nm, n=3200 rpm
• Electronically controlled pump 250 bar, q=125 l/min
• Highly-dynamic mobile measurement technology with calculation channels
• Torque measuring shaft 2000 Nm
• Flow rate measurements up to 500 l/min
• Programmable driving programmes
• Analogue and digital signals

Components and systems that can be investigated:

• Industrial and mobile hydraulics
• Hydraulic pumps in open and closed circuits
• Hydromotors
• Hydraulic valves
• Control blocks
• Hydraulic systems


Optimised, faultless operation is essential for high productivity.

The need to minimise hydraulic losses and thus improve efficiency is becoming more and more important for the development of hydraulic systems.

For manufacturers of hydraulic components and systems as well as operators of hydraulically powered machinery, the IHA provides analyses that are independent of all manufacturers.

Especially in the case of repeated malfunctions or stoppages, the true cause can be analysed with measurements, and then eliminated effectively.

These analyses include measurements on the multipurpose test bench or on-site in the systems.

On the IHA multipurpose test bench, hydraulic controls and associated pumps can be fitted and placed under dynamic loads.

For mobile hydraulics, the capability to carry out loading in four quadrants is particularly useful. This enables the effects of driving, winching and rotary drives to be simulated dynamically. With the secondary controlled drives, the speed/torque characteristic map of diesel engines can be simulated.

Test procedures are designed in close consultation with our customers. Naturally, the results are treated with complete confidentiality.

The employees at the IHA possess many years of practical experience with hydraulic systems. Measurement data analysis and the optimisation potential that can be derived from this are the true heart of the expertise offered by the IHA.

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